Coaching Plans (Bronze, Silver and Gold)



This is the perfect choice if you want a structured and progressive training plan and light contact from a coach to ensure you make the most of your time. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or experienced cyclist, this plan is ideal for you.



Offering greater communication and adjustability, this plan provides a more in-depth and focused coaching experience. If you regularly compete, this plan is perfect for identifying improvements to your racing performance.



Our highest level of communication and flexibility gives you full control and customisability of your training. If you want regular catch-up meetings and analysis to fully prepare you for events, then this is the plan for you.

Coaching Process

Initial Consultation:

Your coaching journey starts with a free consultation, usually conducted virtually over the phone or video call. We will discuss your exercise history, current lifestyle, training goals, event ambitions and availability. You'll also find out more about your coach and their approach. You are not tied into anything at this stage, but if you do sign-up we will then send you some initial training and schedule your first review.

Setup of TrainingPeaks:

We use the coaching platform TrainingPeaks as it allows us to effectively deliver and analyse your training, helping us ensure you progress correctly. A standard account on the platform is included in your plan, or you can upgrade to a premium account for enhanced functionality (if you already have an account, we will link to this and review your training history).

Begin Training:

Training will be planned directly into TrainingPeaks and is personalised based on your goals, whether you train indoors or outdoors, if you have a power meter or heart rate monitor etc. The platform will even email you your workout information automatically! Once each session is complete, you can enter additional comments which your coach will use to better understand your progress and adjust your plan.

Reviews, Catch-ups and Communication:

Periodically, we will have catch-ups to see how you are finding your training and progression. These can be done virtually and booked via our webform. We will also email you about your training and respond to any messages that you send, such as questions about training methods, event preparation, stretching etc. The frequency of calls and emails will depend on your plan, but we will discuss this during your consultation and find a solution that works for you.