A Hub for Cyclists

Cadence started as a cycling hub in Crystal palace, South London in 2013. Following the success of the first Cycle Hub we have now expanded to three other locations – Giant Radlett (Hertfordshire), Giant Twickenham (SW London) and Giant Shoreham by Sea (West Sussex).

When our founders Frank and Ray came up with the concept for Cadence they wanted to create somewhere where cyclists could feel welcome. As cyclists themselves they were always looking for cyclist-friendly places to stop when out riding. At the heart of what they wanted to create was a 'club' atmosphere but open to all. Frank and Ray also wanted somewhere where riders of every level could access a comprehensive range of cycling-related services under one roof.

“We wanted a really great Cycling Hub where cyclists of all abilities and interests could congregate, learn and enjoy themselves.” (Frank)

Crystal Palace is one of the busiest bike fit centres in the UK and we offer a comprehensive range of fitness testing services including VO2 max, Lactate Threshold, body composition analysis and blood testing. 

The coaching team at Cadence is second to none and we are one of the few cycling coaching operations with in-house sports scientists. Our indoor cycling studios are equipped with Watt bikes and we run regular Yoga and Pilates classes. 

Our busy workshops focus on repair and servicing of all kinds of bikes and in every shop we offer a large range of Giant bikes. Our busy café (Crystal Palace) shows all the major cycling events on the big screen in an environment where you feel welcomed as a cyclist. There's somewhere to park your bike securely and there's always a friendly face to welcome you. 

Our customers range from those that don't even own a bike (they use our indoor bikes) to competing road cyclists, commuters, triathletes and everyone in between.

It doesn't matter your level of fitness or cycling experience, everyone is welcome at any one of the four Cadence stores.